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International presence to improve as a city

Viladecans has a long experience of participation in international spaces, a fact which proves the commitment of the City Council (and its different local governments over the time) to maintain the international action of the municipality.

The European cooperation has been the backbone of the international action in Viladecans. Viladecans City Council has actively participated in European projects and networks. This has given the City Council additional funding and knowledge, as well as the possibility to deepen its work in key areas such as the environment and energy efficiency, entrepreneurship, equal opportunities, youth, education and immigration.

Some of the highlights of the international participation of Viladecans are the following:

  • The signature of the Covenant of Mayors for sustainable energy against climate change and Mayors Adapt.
  • Participation in international networks and integration into city networks (UNESCO Lifelong Learning Cities)
  • Participation in more than 30 European transnational projects (in addition to projects funded by the ERDF, ESF and the Cohesion Fund)
  • Links and partnerships with other European cities

The international projection of Viladecans brings to the city lots of important benefits:

  • Lessons: Allows sharing common problems and addressing common challenges, by revealing solutions from other areas that might be useful or inspirational for our city.
  • Innovative practices: Allows investing in innovation and working together with partners from other sectors (business, world research and innovation) and pilot projects to develop strategies and innovative practices.
  • Visibility: Increase international projection of the city.
  • New partners: Enables to establish links with key international partners beyond the project duration.

Viladecans City Council is currently working on the systematization and the consolidation of its actions with the development of tools for the international projection of the city:

  • Plan for International Projection of the City of Viladecans
  • Ambassadors Plan
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